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Check out our Reindeer Micro-Documentary!

Check out our Reindeer Micro-Documentary!

Crossword Puzzle Maker

Here’s our FAST crossword puzzle maker for you to enjoy!  Just choose a topic from the drop down menu below, and click “Generate“.  No need to write in your own questions and answers!  It’s a perfect way to keep the kids busy while you finally get a chance to re-heat and enjoy that cuppa:)  When your crossword puzzle comes up, click on “Print” and let the head scratching begin!

If you need help, the solutions for the crossword puzzle are provided on the page, but every letter is shifted by 2 places in the alphabet.  So the letter ‘E’ would be written in the solution as ‘C’.  You can use our downloadable Alphabetic Substitution Cipher Wheel if you want to make this easier and set the key to ‘CE’.

Note: We are working on adding more themes and words to our crossword puzzle maker so check back often!

Theme: Print
Crossword Puzzle Maker
                    2     9    
            3                 15
        1             14        
13             8                
                    2     9    
            3       o     c   15
      10 j k n n     c     p   r
            g     7 p g u v   j
      6 v t c k n   f     g   g
            h   45 u k z   p   t
            e   k   d     p   q
        1 v w p p g n 14 h c t o
            v   u   g 11       q
            v   g     y       p
13 h q t c i g 8 e q n q p a   g
            t   v     t        
              12 d k v g        
  1.  What do ants dig to move around in their nest?
  2.  What is the name of the jaws an ant uses to carry things?
  3.  What type of ant cuts leaves to grow fungus for food?
  4.  How many legs does an ant have?
  5.  What type of creature is an ant?
  6.  What do ants leave behind to help other ants find food?
  7.  What is another name for an ant’s home?
  8.  What is the name for a group of ants living together?
  9.  What do ants use to smell and touch?
10.  What do you call the small mound that ants build as their home?
11.  What do you call an ant that gathers food and takes care of the young?
12.  What do ants do to defend themselves or attack?
13.  What is the term for ants searching for food?
14.  What do ants do with aphids to get honeydew?
15.  What chemical do ants use to communicate?