Membership Benefits

So you’re considering becoming a member.  That’s great!  Let me break down for you all the benefits of becoming a member of Let’s Go Avocado!

Points-Based Downloads

Just like stock photography and video sites, our website is points-based (aka credits).  This means everything you download from our website costs points.  The costs range from 50 points for single page downloads to 2000 or more points for larger study guides.  The good news is that our free membership give you 500 points immediately, and you can also earn points just by browsing our site!

Free Membership = 500 points instantly!

Let’s get this one out of the way:  The Let’s Go Avocado free membership is FREE FOREVER.  Just click sign up, create an account, and you’re done!  With our free membership, you’ll immediately get 500 points to use for downloads on our site, as well as an additional 500 points every year.  You can also earn points by opening our newsletters, browsing our site, and through various promotions throughout the year.

Want more points?  No problem!  With our Free Membership, you can buy additional points packages.  500 points costs $5.00 CAD (Canadian dollars, because we’re in Canada!)

Premium Membership = 10,000 points instantly, PLUS More!

The Premium Membership give you a whopping 10,000 points to start, which means you could download as many as 7 Nature Studies immediately!  Every year, you’ll automatically get another 10,000 points.

More points for less!  If you need more points, a Premium Membership allows you to buy 500 points for 50% off the regular price!  So 500 points would only cost $2.50 CAD.  

Avocado FREE!

500 Free Points / Year

Good if you just want to download some basic content


500 Free Points / Year
Monthly Newsletter With Free Printables
Earn Points While Using The Website
Buy More Points @ $1 / 100 points

Avocado Premium

10,000 Free Points / Year

Perfect if you want to download our premium content like Nature Studies.


10,000 Free Points / Year
Monthly Newsletter With Free Premium Printables
Earn Points While Using The Website
Buy More Points @ 50% OFF