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Roly Poly-olie!

Roly Polies, also known as pill bugs, or more formally as ‘isopods’, are fascinating insec… Oops!  They’re not insects!  They’re actually crustaceans, like lobsters and crabs, and are absolutely indispensable to most ecosystems.  Kids come across these bugs pretty often outside.  This page is dedicated to helping you and your kids learn more about these critical critters.

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Create your own Isopod Habitat!

Check out this video on how to create your own isopod habitat.  Isopods are easy critters to take care of, and multiply quickly (for most species).  Building a habitat for isopods can help you to learn a lot about the critical needs of these fascinating crustaceans.

Isopod Videos

Cubaris Jupiter Isopod

Did you know that there are both aquatic and terrestrial isopods, and both varieties have gills!?  That’s right, even terrestrial isopods have gills.  This does not mean they can survive underwater.  If kept underwater for too long, they will drown.  However, their gills must be kept moist in order to function properly.  This is why you will commonly find terrestrial isopods in damp and humid locations, like under logs or rocks.  They are also more active at night, when the sun cannot dry them out.

Want To Learn About More Isopod Species?

Check out the Isopod Species ID cards page, to learn more about a variety of Isopods.  You can also use that page to identify Isopods you spot in your neighborhood!

More Isopod Activities & Worksheets

These worksheets can be downloaded with points!  You get 500 points a year with a free membership, and 10,000 points a year with a premium membership! You can also buy more points if you need them.

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