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Fascinating Frogs!

Frogs are fascinating creatures to kids and adults.  They are found all over the world, except in the extreme cold and dry climates.  From their often bright coloration, to their metamorphosis and lifecycle, to their cheerful and sometimes mysterious vocalizations, there is so much to love and learn about frogs.  Join us while we explore these amphibians and see the world from their perspective.

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Frog Videos

Cope's Gray Tree Frog

Did you know that some species of frogs have the ability to change their skin color!? This phenomenon is known as “physiological color change.” Frogs have specialized pigment cells called chromatophores in their skin.  They can expand or contract them to change the distribution and intensity of their skin pigments.  This results in a change of color.

This color change can help frogs camouflage themselves to blend in with their surroundings, providing protection from predators

Want To Learn About More Frog Species?

Check out the Frog Species ID cards page, to learn more about a variety of frogs and toads.  You can also use that page to identify frogs and toads you spot in your neighborhood!

More Frog Activities & Worksheets

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