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Butterflies and moths are possibly the most enchanting of insects, fluttering slowly with colorful and iridescent wings, like carefree woodland fairies.  They capture children’s imaginations, and even more so when they learn about their fascinating lifecycle and Olympian feats.  The 9000 km migration of the Painted Lady butterfly, or the 30 cm wingspan of the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing butterfly are just two of the butterfly facts that widen a child’s eyes with astonishment.

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Butterflies & Moths Nature Study

Check Out The Butterflies & Moths Nature Study!

Hey there, nature explorers! Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of butterflies and moths? This Nature Study is just the thing for you! Packed with cool activities, eye-catching posters, fun worksheets, and exciting games, this guide is your ticket to discovering the incredible lives of these amazing insects.

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mourning cloak butterfly

The Mourning Cloak butterfly is pretty awesome. It’s got these dark wings with yellow edges that look super cool. Unlike most butterflies that only live for a few weeks or months, this one can live up to a whole year! Also, it has a cool trick for winter – it hibernates, kind of like bears, which is really rare for butterflies. Because of this, it’s often one of the first butterflies you see when spring starts.

Want To Learn About More Butterfly & Moth Species?

Check out the Butterfly & Moth Species ID cards page, to learn more about a variety of these beautiful winged insects.  You can also use that page to identify butterflies and moths you spot in your neighborhood!

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These worksheets can be downloaded with points!  You get 500 points a year with a free membership, and 10,000 points a year with a premium membership! You can also buy more points if you need them.

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