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Exploration and discovery doesn’t only happen in exotic places, in outer space,  or on TV.  There’s a lot to explore right where we are, in our own neighborhoods and backyards!  We invite you and your kids to get off the couch and join us while we explore the everyday wonders of nature, science, space, engineering, art, and anything else we stumble upon during on our adventures.

Let's Go Avocado Crew

Hi, my name is Venk.  Among many other things, I’m also a homeschool dad for 3 curious, adventurous, and rowdy kids – probably the same as your kids, if you’re reading this!

I started to homeschool my kids in January 2022.  I think that decision was one of the most life changing and positive decisions I’ve made for myself and my kids.  

Why?  I love the chaos, I love corralling the little gremlins into a little adventure group, and I especially feed off their fascination with our natural environment, and the pride they feel at their accomplishments. Most of all, I love their hunger for knowledge and experience, and I want to be a part of it!

This site is new.  I launched it in May 2023, and I am still building up our library of projects.  But I’ll be adding more content in the coming weeks and months.  With your support, I hope that extends into years.  Based on my youngest daughter, I’ll be homeschooling for another 8 years!

While some of the projects on this site can be done by a child on their own, the real benefits come from working with them on all the projects.  As role models, our active participation encourages our kids to identify and really express their own individual character and personality with confidence.  From art, architecture, music, poetry, mathematics, science, programming, engineering, agriculture, nature, and more – I share these passions and teach my kids how to engage fully with every project and activity.  In turn, their unending curiosity and often surprisingly profound insights end up making me wonder: who is really teaching whom here?

Many have wondered about the name of our site – Let’s Go Avocado!  Where did that come from?  

Well, one day we were adventuring in the woods, and we had paused for a moment to observe an insect.  After a few minutes, my youngest stood up with a bright and enthusiastic smile.  She pointed down the trail, started walking, and spontaneously exclaimed “let’s go avocado!”.  That enthusiasm, that love of nature, adventure, exploration – that’s what I hope to bring to you and your kids through this site.  It’s is about how ordinary people like you and me can help to make our immediate environment an extraordinary experience for our kids – and maybe re-live a bit of our own childhood wonder and excitement along with them.


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