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Three little birds, sat on my doorstep...

Singing sweet songs…  Who doesn’t smile thinking about those cute little chickadees.  Well, except maybe when one poops on you. But putting that aside for the moment, exploring the world of birds is truly (and literally) an uplifting adventure.  I have yet to see any child not run towards a bird when they see one, and stare up in wonder as it effortlessly defies gravity and soars up into the sky.

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Ever wanted to see little baby birds hatching?

Check out this project on how to build a bird house for chickadees with a camera inside.  Since chickadees do not migrate, you can even build this birdhouse over the winter and put it up, and you may be lucky enough that a chickadee will take refuge in it for the winter!

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wandering albatross

Birds exist in an incredible range of sizes.  The smallest bird is the Bee Hummingbird, which measures under 6cm long, and lays eggs the size of peas.  The largest bird is the Ostrich, which can grow to be 2.7m tall, and lays eggs that weigh close to 1.5kg! But the Ostrich cannot fly, so if we’re looking specifically at birds that are capable of flying, the Wandering Albatross has a wingspan of over 3m, and can glide in the air for hours without ever flapping its wings!

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These worksheets can be downloaded with points!  You get 500 points a year with a free membership, and 10,000 points a year with a premium membership! You can also buy more points if you need them.

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