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"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn".

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The fields of ecology and environmental science are growing faster than ever.  Human populations around the world are rushing develop a more sustainable way of living on Earth and co-existing with all other life on this planet.  But it is the youth of today who will have the biggest impact on sustainability.

In a fundamental way, I do not believe that there is any invention or technology that will benefit our natural environment so greatly as a child who has witnessed the wonderous machinery of nature up close, and has undertaken the lifelong journey to find their place in it.

The articles, projects, and activities of this section aim to give you the tools to help your child engage with nature, and embark upon their journey of discovery.

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Mushrooms Nature Study Unit Anatomy Lifecycle Activities

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Ecology Videos

Scientists have determined that the Earth’s ozone layer is healing!  In the 1980’s, a hole in the ozone layer above the south pole was detected.  The ozone layer helps to protect life on earth from harmful solar ultraviolet radiation.  The cause was attributed to the increasing use of CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) in things like aerosols and air conditioners.  Later that decade, 197 countries signed the Montreal Protocol in which they promised to eliminate the use of CFC’s. A scientific study published in 2020 showed that the ozone hole over the south pole reduced to its smallest size since 1982!  It is predicted that the hole will heal completely in about 40 years, by the 2060’s.

Want To Learn About Trees & Leaves?

Check out the Tree Species ID cards page, to learn more about the different tree species, and how to identify them from their leaves!

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