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Ants are one of the most interesting insects that kids will ever come across.  For one thing, they are hard to miss.  With over ten thousand species spread out over almost every continent, and colonies consisting of tens of thousands of members, they are possibly the most successful insect on earth.  But what makes them so interesting is HOW they have become so successful.  Their highly evolved social structures, incredible strength and building skills, and variety of colors, shapes and sizes makes them fascinating to observe.

Here you will find all our resources and projects about ants.  If you are searching for queen ants to start a new colony, be sure to check out our Ant-ID section below to try to identify your ant.

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Ants Nature Study Anatomy and And Species

Check Out The Ants Nature Study!

March right into the intriguing universe of ants with our super-fun Nature Study Printable Book! Tailor-made for budding entomologists aged 3 to 12, this ant-tastic guide is your golden ticket to the miniature world right beneath your feet.

Ant Videos

honeypot ant queen

Did you know that this honeypot ant queen can live as long as 30 years?

Want To Learn About More Ant Species?

Check out the Ant Species ID cards page, to learn more about a variety of ant species.  You can also use that page to identify ants queens you might have found in case you want to start your own ant colony!

More Ant Activities & Worksheets

These worksheets can be downloaded with points!  You get 500 points a year with a free membership, and 10,000 points a year with a premium membership! You can also buy more points if you need them.

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