crematogaster cerasi

Cherry Acrobat Ant

crematogaster cerasi

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Dive into the world of the Cherry Acrobat Ant, a tiny but amazing insect with some incredible abilities. These ants might be small, but they have some big roles in nature. Let’s take a closer look at these tiny acrobats and discover what makes them so special!

Cherry Acrobat Ant

Common Name
Cherry Acrobat Ant

Latin Name

crematogaster cerasi


Canada, United States


Dark red to dark brown head and thorax, black heart-shaped abdomen. Two spikes pointed backwards at the read of the thorax.

The Amazing World of Cherry Acrobat Ants

Imagine being able to do amazing acrobatics – that’s what Cherry Acrobat Ants are all about! These little insects are not just any ordinary ants; they have some cool tricks up their sleeves. Join us as we explore the life of these fascinating ants and learn about their unique talents.

Spotting a Cherry Acrobat Ant

The Cherry Acrobat Ant, known to scientists as Crematogaster cerasi, is a small ant, about the size of a sprinkle on your ice cream. They’re named for their heart-shaped abdomens, which they can lift over their bodies like a tiny acrobat doing a backflip. These ants are usually a reddish-brown color, just like a cherry!

Their Special Home

Cherry Acrobat Ants are pretty flexible when it comes to their homes. They set up colonies in dead wood, like old tree branches, logs, or even in the wooden parts of buildings. Their nests might be hidden, but they’re full of life!

Teamwork in the Colony

In the world of these ants, teamwork is everything. There’s a queen who lays eggs and lots of worker ants who do everything from gathering food to protecting their home. Working together is their superpower!

Munch Time

What’s on the menu for Cherry Acrobat Ants? They love to eat honeydew from aphids, just like some other ant buddies. They also snack on insects and sweets they find while exploring. Yum!

Nature’s Little Helpers

These ants do more than just eat and run around. They help out in nature by spreading seeds and keeping the insect population in balance. They’re like tiny gardeners, making sure everything in nature works just right.

Friends and Rivals

Cherry Acrobat Ants have a special relationship with aphids, but they also have to watch out for predators like birds and larger insects. Sometimes they even have to defend their home from other ant colonies!

From Tiny Ants to Big Colonies

When it’s time for the colony to grow, winged ants take off to start their own families. This cycle keeps the Cherry Acrobat Ant community thriving and growing year after year.

Acrobat Ants’ Cool Skills

One of the coolest things about these ants is how they can lift their abdomens over their heads. It’s not just for show – it helps them protect themselves and communicate with other ants. They’re like tiny acrobats with a mission!

Challenges and Adaptability

Even though they’re tough, Cherry Acrobat Ants face challenges like changes in their habitat and the big, wide world around them. But they’re good at adapting, which means they can survive in different places and keep on thriving.

The Cherry Acrobat Ant is a small but mighty member of the insect world. Their unique abilities, like lifting their abdomens and forming strong colonies, show us just how diverse and interesting nature can be. These ants play a crucial role in their ecosystems, from helping plants grow by spreading seeds to controlling other insect populations. They’re a perfect example of how every creature, no matter how tiny, has an important part to play in the balance of nature.

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