Chicken Of The Woods

Sulphur Shelf, Chicken Mushroom

Laetiporus sulphureus

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Chicken of the Woods is a brightly colored mushroom that grows on trees, particularly on dead or dying hardwoods. Notable for its striking appearance and edibility, it’s favored by many foragers for its meaty texture and taste reminiscent of chicken.

Chicken Of The Woods

Common Name
Chicken Of The Woods

Other Names

Sulphur Shelf, Chicken Mushroom

Latin Name

Laetiporus sulphureus


It can be found widely across North America and Europe.


This mushroom has overlapping brackets that are bright yellow-orange on top and sulphur-yellow underneath. They are fan-shaped and grow in large, shelf-like clusters on tree trunks.


Individual brackets can be up to 30 cm (12 inches) across and up to 10 cm (4 inches) thick.


Prefers dead or dying hardwood trees, especially oak, although it can also be found on yew, willow, and other tree species.


Saprotrophic, deriving nutrients from breaking down dead or decaying organic matter.


Like other fungi, its lifecycle begins with spore germination. These germinated spores form mycelium which, under the right conditions, gives rise to the fruiting body (the mushroom). This mushroom then releases spores, and the process begins anew.

Defense Mechanisms

While Chicken of the Woods is edible and sought after, not all Laetiporus species are considered good for consumption. Some individuals may also have allergic reactions to it. It’s essential to correctly identify and ensure personal compatibility before consumption.

Ecological Importance

As a wood-decaying fungus, Chicken of the Woods plays a significant role in breaking down and recycling nutrients from dead trees, contributing to the overall health of forest ecosystems.

Conservation Status

Not classified as threatened; it is a widespread and common species.
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