Pear Shaped Puffball

Gem-studded puffball, gemmed puffball, devil's snuff-box

Lycoperdon pyriforme

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The Pear Shaped Puffball mushroom is a fascinating fungal species that aptly earns its name from its pear-like shape. These puffballs are known to mushroom enthusiasts not just for their distinctive appearance, but also for their method of spore dispersal, which results in a puff of spores when they are mature and disturbed.

Pear Shaped Puffball

Common Name
Pear Shaped Puffball

Other Names

Gem-studded puffball, gemmed puffball, devil’s snuff-box

Latin Name

Lycoperdon pyriforme


This mushroom is widely distributed and can be found throughout North America, Europe, and other parts of the world.


As its name suggests, the Pear Shaped Puffball mushroom has a pear-like or somewhat round shape. The outer surface is typically dotted with tiny, spine-like projections that can slough off, leaving a net-like pattern on the surface. The interior becomes filled with a mass of dry, powdery spores as it matures.


Typically, it ranges from 1.5 to 5 cm in diameter.


This puffball is saprobic, often found growing in clusters on decaying wood, such as logs, but can sometimes appear to be growing on the ground when the wood is buried.


Decomposer; it breaks down and derives nutrients from decaying organic matter, primarily wood.


The Pear Shaped Puffball starts as a white, firm fruiting body. As it matures, the inside fills up with spores, turning into a powdery mass. When it reaches maturity, the top of the puffball will open or get ruptured, allowing the spores to be dispersed. The “puffing” action can be due to raindrops or physical disturbances, aiding in the spread of the spores.

Defense Mechanisms

The powdery spores can act as a deterrent to many herbivores, as they can be irritants when inhaled or ingested. The small, spine-like projections on the exterior can also deter some herbivores from eating them.

Ecological Importance

As saprobes, Pear Shaped Puffballs play an essential role in recycling dead organic matter in ecosystems. They help decompose wood, returning vital nutrients to the soil and aiding in the natural decomposition process.

Conservation Status

It is considered common in its natural habitat.
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